New Videos! (JULY 2015)

Dodge Nitro Crash: Unlucky Driver! (1 & 2)

Good god the quality of dashcams is getting good! This video captures a woman pulling out in front of some blokes Dodge Nitro, and unfortunately he couldn’t dodge the impending crash. This is apparently the second crash the guy has had in his Nitro in the space of a year. Poor fella, well he can’t be that poor to be fair, I couldn’t even begin to afford a second hand Dodge Nitro, at least he crashed a nice car! Haha. This is one of those accidents that is pretty pathetic, but will no doubt cost the person responsible an absolute fortune, and costing both parties a lot of inconvenience and agro. The other crash was the Nitro’s drivers fault, after losing control on icy roads and skidding into a hummer…. Not the best car to crash into! Terrible driving conditions, rotten luck, but a great dashcam!

Peugeot takes out a Merc

Some people just don’t seem to know when they can and can’t turn. In this video a Peugeot clearly attempts to turn right from the wrong lane, then someone in the far right hand lane (the lane I guess the Peugeot should have been in), driving a big Mercedes Benz GL comes smashing into the side of the Peugeot. That’s going to be a hefty insurance claim! The guy getting out of the Puegeot seems to be having some trouble walking, but by the looks of it the cars both did there job and prevented any serious injury. My uncle had a second hand Mercedes-Benz GL and crashed it, the car looked absolutely horrific but my uncle didn’t have a scratch on him. Obviously Mercedes know what they are doing when it comes to safety. It hasn’t been put through thee rigorous NCAP Safety test yet but the M-Class on which the GL Class is based got a perfect score.